Woman in Blue

I am so excited to share that “Woman in Blue” FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER will be available as a fine art reproduction. She’s a painted feminine representation of the Holy Spirit filled with grace, calm and healing. Absolutely one of my favorite creations ever.

As I created her I felt the interplay of water and light, hidden depths and subtle textures, hints of watery worlds beyond our senses—these qualities translated my memories and emotions onto canvas. I wanted to tease the imagination and invite us into a world of spirit, color, perspective, and the divine. Where my surroundings become your surroundings; my composure your composure; my prayer your prayer. I jumped to the moon when this beautiful angel appeared in the painting. 

I strongly believe that my job is to show up in the studio each day and ask God to move my hands and guide my work. When an observer emotionally connects with my work I know I have succeeded as an artist. And I am so thrilled that you can now print this painting on canvas, watercolor paper, metal or acrylic and there are many sizes to choose from.  

Thank you for walking with me on this journey! The Original of this piece resides in NY, NY in the collection of the Keh family. 

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