The Spirit of a Tree

As the weather gets cooler, the nights get longer, and pine trees start to make their ways into our homes, I am reminded of how thankful and blessed I am to go through each passing season. The Holiday season is quickly approaching and it is easy to get lost in the hype of all the activities surrounding this time of year. Before you get swept up into the hustle and bustle, take some time to truly enjoy this season and make the most of it. I am truly grateful for you being a part of my journey. 

I am debuting "The Spirit of a Tree" this beautiful tree is one that has survived years of storms, droughts, and floods, and is a beloved symbol of strength. I can stand by it, touch it and feel its majesty. Trees are a strong symbol to me personally and I love incorporating them into my work. They symbolize strength, faith and community. One of my favorite quotes from Brother Lawrence says, “The secret to the life of a tree is that it remains rooted something deeper than itself.”  Do you have a favorite tree that you connect deeply with? 

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