The Aldis Angel

The Aldi’s angel. Ema and I decided to drive into Columbia and head to Aldi’s to grocery shop today. Takes us about an hour round-trip. When we got there I parked the car and realized that I forgot my wallet at home. Shoot!

I didn’t want to drive all the way back home so we ran into Aldi’s real quick to ask if they took Apple Pay. They said yes! Great! We filled the cart full, got to check out and tried the Apple Pay. Car declined! Drat! I’ve only used Apple Pay one time before so I was clueless to what went wrong. The woman checking me out was so nice and said this happens all the time let’s try another register. The card declined again.

I stepped aside so I wouldn’t clog the Aldi’s speedy checkout lines and was exploring my Apple Pay to see if I could figure it out. Meanwhile, a woman approached Ema and me and said, “I saw you trying to use Apple Pay and I was going to try Apple Pay too for the first time today but was too afraid it wouldn’t work and I saw that it didn’t work for you. I totally get your situation and may I pay for your groceries?” I was so surprised by the request that I immediately said ...” oh no thank you I think we can figure it out.” But she was persistent and insisted and said she really wanted to. I asked if I could have her name and I would pay her back right when I got home. She said absolutely not. Just pay it forward and she quickly left.

I felt God smacked by totally random goodness! Thank you Aldi’s angel, bless you, whoever you were. I will never forget you or your generosity, awareness and kindness. Ema and I WILL pay it forward!