Rise Up

In the collection of the McGregor-Pfaff family, NY


Believing in ourselves can feel scary and putting our hearts out there can feel even scarier. I think the sneaky insecurities we sometimes face are often lies that keep us from the good that is waiting for us on the other side of action. I believe walking forward into our truth and into the unknown territory ahead is worth the risk. As I reflected on these thoughts this piece was born.

Creating not only begins with the physical manifestation of mess but emotional mess sometimes as well. When we spill open and have faith in the process, our inner workings release and start to reorganize themselves helping us get past the fear of the unknown. We have to leap off the cliff and stop waiting for someone to give us the answer, the time, the permission to act. Believing in the feeling inside our hearts that says, “try it” and offering ourselves the permission to create a small something messy is an essential part of being human. Try. Bump along.


The world needs to see you, to hear you and experience your vantage point. 

Each one of us is a masterpiece and we all start messy inside and I believe that fear does not have the power to hold us back. There is an abundance of expression waiting to be born and exist in the world. Shout it. Post it. Share it and don’t hide it.