An internal Landscape


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“Ocean of Pearls” is framed and hanging! If you have the chance I’d love to hear how you connect with this painting. I wanted to take a moment to share my reflections with you. Art comes from the deepest parts of our internal landscape. It comes often from the unknown and mysterious internal waters, the waters where the Holy Spirit swims, splashes, dives deep and holds us afloat through the storms. Art that comes from these waters takes laser focus and fierce obedience. An obedience that trusts in God’s guiding presence with each paint stroke. Sometimes people can view this intense obedience as selfishness. I don’t believe the work of an artist is selfish. Art is an act of service, an invitation to others to look inside and swim into the deeper waters of their faith and life. 

If this painting could speak a prayer to you it would say. Wherever you find yourself in your creative ocean may you feel the presence of God keeping you afloat, whispering in your ear that you are safe in this mysterious space. In the wildest storms and darkest depths I pray you trust in your work and calling, listen to it, and learn from the lessons only it can teach you. Much love, Jenny