Meet City of Refuge and Big Tree Medical Home, My Latest Work

One of the most fulfilling forms of art is to create for a cause that is greater than ourselves. There is a subtle satisfaction in the knowledge that art, no matter how solitary, always finds its way into the community. This is what I love about these two posters made for Big Tree Medical Home and the City of Refuge. These pieces were commissioned by my friend Jen Wheeler who was instrumental in creating and founding both of these organizations. Out of papers of all sorts of colors and textures, I was able to create shapes and forms that would eventually make up the designs, compositions, and share her message.


The poster for the Big Tree Medical Home symbolizes a kind of service that is sympathetic in making the Columbia community’s life easier when it comes to healthcare. Meanwhile, the City Of Refuge poster gives a united image of people despite the different walks of life, races, and faces. It depicts my idea of what a home should be for everybody - a place of belongingness and fellowship despite the differences we view on the outside.


If there’s anything the Big Tree Medical Home and City of Refuge have in common is their charitable undertaking in helping individuals live a better life in order to create a better community. I am more than joyful to be a part of this and to make this cause a part of my creative journey. If you would like your own poster or museum quality print, please click here or on the image above. BIG TREE & CITY OF REFUGE.