Joy To The World

Even as the Pandemic, and recent difficult events have interrupted and disrupted our lives, let’s continue to channel our attention on what is still good, true, noble, pure, lovely and what we can be thankful for, gratitude always gets me to get back on track.

The statements have helped ground me and have served beautifully in the studio when I just feel bogged down. Will you take my hand and join me in focusing our minds and hearts on more “Joy to the World.”

“I am grateful, I am kind, I am strong, I am brave, I am compassionate, I am confident, I am humbled, I am, I am worthy, I am proud of my heart
, I'm generous, I see others and honor differences, I open my heart, I speak truth in my heart, I am responsible for the words I speak, I have the courage to share my true feelings, my voice matters, my words have power, I stand up for myself, I stand up for others, I offer respect even when I don't agree, I speak with respect, I speak with compassion, I listen when others speak, sadness is okay, its okay to be angry, it's okay to be scared and vulnerable, I am allowed to feel all of my feelings, I'm I'm allowed to be happy, I trust myself, I'm full of life, my life is a gift, my body is an instrument of good, I'm grateful for my body, I care for my body, my body, I don't need to be perfect, I'm beautiful, I'm radiant, I love and accept all parts of myself, I have weaknesses, I allow myself to make mistakes, I learned from mistakes, I work with purpose, I'm determined, I believe in my abilities, I believe in my dreams, I am always learning, I accept changes as part of life, I overcome challenges, I thrive with challenges, I find solutions to problems, I resolve conflicts with grace, I'm grateful for every gift I've been given, I'm not alone, I accept help, I am present, I'm grateful for today, I am free from the past, my mind is calm, I am a survivor, I love my faith, I choose my family, I love my family, I accept my family, I can disagree with my family and still be loved, I can make mistakes and still be loved, I don't need to be perfect to be loved, I choose my friends carefully, I embrace the differences in our world, I believe we have more similarities than differences. I believe our world is getting better.”