How I Let The Storms Pass

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All month as I painted, the idea of “sea level” was on my heart. Even in the tumultuous storms, when water is tossed, turned and torn, gravity always pulls it back to a state of calm. “Water seeks its own level.” The same can be true in our lives and within ourselves. Our inner landscape has its storms, hurricanes and even tsunamis. The storms bring momentum. The force of the wind and crashing waves show us our vulnerabilities and weaknesses while at the same time they bring out the primal roaring strength we never realized existed inside of us. The surprising recognition of this force at work can cause us to awaken in a new way. And when we are paying attention through the storm we are often given a ray of sunshine through the darkened clouds to remind us that “this too shall pass.” We’re met with a heavenly reminder that light is never far from darkness and calm is often following the storm bringing us back to “sea level.” I chose to end this painting at sea level. The many storms I have endured personally have taught me, guided me, transformed me and molded me into the person I am today. I’m at peace with each lesson they brought me. Resting at sea level, soaking it in and riding the waves when they present themselves feels good. I will make the most of it while it lasts. 

This 8 foot painting hosts currents and streams of gold, copper and pearl that flowing across the length of the piece. Up close it lights up with sparkles on top of mountains of texture. Your eyes move with the momentum of the ocean flowing with its current in many directions. I see the faint silhouette of two triangular forms in the distance that could be sailboats off playing at sea. There are granite-like floating circles and lines beneath the glossy surface that remind me of tiny sea life. 

If you’d like to see the final version it is available for sale at “Pressed” in downtown Columbia. I am offering FREE UPS SHIPPING.

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