How To Create A Family Legacy Painting


❤️One of the aspects that I love about this painting is that we took our time. It taught me that some big projects do not need to be rushed or on a deadline. I knew this painting was going to be special from the start because the Marchack family means so much to us. I envisioned and visualized this painting to be a part of their life and a part of their family's history and legacy.

It began when “Team Marchack”, Patricia, Corbin, Clayton, Dominic, and Lydia all came over to my art studio and we decided it would be meaningful if their handprints were on the first layer of the painting. All together their hands touched the surface with a mixture made of sand, water, and clay. I will never forget the unique rhythms everyone had. Some were careful and methodical striving to make smooth strokes on the surface. Others moved their hands with carefree abandon which paved paths and bumpy roads onto the surface. Altogether it inaugurated a beautiful composition of the Marchak's’ uniqueness and collaboration.

❤️The cottonwood tree was a meaningful landmark and symbol that has a lot of family significance. Together, we decided that the tree should be the forefront image in this painting.

❤️I started the painting by building up 20 layers of acrylics in grays, whites, creams, browns, teals, yellows, and iridescent pearl color. After layering each color I then took charcoal and started to etch out the tree. My daughter Ema and I then cut out over 100 different leaves on a textured white paper to glue them around the tree. I added more layers of paint added on top of the leaves and then added Patricia and Corbin’s written words and sentiments about their family were on top of different branches. The final layer was a gloss varnish layer that held sprinkled crushed pearls to shine on the surface.

❤️Patricia beautifully shared... “Each of our children are a gift in a different way. Clayton has glued us together and guided us into the family we are, that is a gift. Dominic was our surprise and the best surprise ever. He healed us from our fears of growing a family and cleared our minds so we could focus on having a happy life, that is a gift. Lydia is a gift from my mom and Christy, my niece who passed away. Lydia and Christy share the same birthday. She is a gift to us from them, letting us know they are together and well. Corbin is our families foundation. He anchors, protects, and provides for us with all his heart!” Corbin said that Patricia is beautiful. She’s beautiful not only physically but in every sense and meaning of the word.”

❤️I love that you can search around the tree and read these words that the family shared about one other and that their sentiments will be preserved forever. The Marchacks are strong, beautiful, and deeply rooted in love. I will cherish the experience and lovely process of creating this with and for them. ❤️🌳❤️