His Feelings In Art: A New Years Love Story

Kate and Scott decided together to include art in their wedding registry, but Kate had no idea they would enter their marriage and the New Year with a personalized painting – named after her and inspired by their love. Scott wanted to reach out to the people closest to him to see if they wanted to participate in their legacy painting as a wedding gift. The names of his their friends are listed on the back of the painting so the couple always remember the love and support that helped bring their painting to life.

When I met with Scott to discuss the painting, he was bursting with wonderful things to say about Kate. He wrote them out in an “I Love You” list. When the painting was unveiled at the reception, Scott read his list out loud, making the beautiful details of his joy known to all their wedding guests. He read:
“I love you because you put up with me and still love me.”
“I love your eyes, your hair, your face, your smile…”
“I love your ambition and how hard you work for Mizzou and at your volunteer positions.”
“I love it when we laugh together, or even when you just laugh at me.”
“You bring out the best in me and help smooth out the rough parts of me.”
“I love that you care about whether I eat healthy food and that you make it taste good!”
“I am excited about all of the things we plan to do in our future, together.”
“I love you because you said yes when I asked you to marry me (even if I had to repeat it)!”

Kate shared her joy at having this piece as a daily reminder of the cherished community that surrounded them on their wedding day. She said, “It’s amazing to think Scott’s inspiration is in that painting, but everyone’s love is behind it.”