El Salvador Series 2

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”  ― Maya Angelou

Well, I really wanted to go – I wanted to go back home to my safe and cozy place in Missouri, but Dave centered us. He was cool about staying longer than expected. I was thinking, “Yes, I will stay, but God, you have to lead me, because I am very terrified at this point. How, exactly, do you want me to hold your people in my heart?”

We walked past this child in Guatemala. I ached when I saw her alone on the street. This little girl was standing by herself wearing a dirty t-shirt and pants with no shoes on her feet. What do I do with all these feelings inside me? … “this is not just”... “what can I do?”... “keep walking, you’re going to be late”…” stop and give her some money”
”….” turn away, her family has to be near?”…

We all help people in different ways.
In what ways do you show up and help well?

“They Turn Away” - Oil, paper, hand-cut letters on canvas, 31” x 25” - 2005