A Bob and Tiffany Love Story

I have spent time thinking about things I value most and trying to narrow it down to the most essential one, two or three. As I looked back through the challenges life threw at me expressing love and gratitude to my husband, kids and dear friends was essential and helped get me through the tough times. I also realized that at times I struggle with feeling loved and that I need reminders sometimes, well, a lot of times. Love is a top value of mine and recognizing the importance of expressing that love followed. As emotional, tender human beings the moment we realize how much we are loved, valued or appreciated the healthier and happier we can live. Part of my creative journey has been helping people express their love through my art. A custom painting allowed me a concrete way to tell other people’s stories and share their love and legacy through emotion, paint and vivid color.

Bob and Tiffany celebrated 25 years of marriage last year with an unforgettable journey that included hiking through forests and finding waterfalls. I had the joy and honor of creating a piece that would commemorate this experience to be placed in their beautiful home. I hope you enjoy following the journey. 

Do you have a special person or place to commemorate? I currently accept requests and I would love to hear about yours!

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