A Special Advent Calendar

This Advent Calendar is an original work, created by two artist mothers, Michelle Bueno and I, and our daughters Mica Bueno and Ema McGee to support vulnerable families in Central America.

The winter holidays too often become a season of commotion. We find ourselves running from Thanksgiving to Christmas day having no idea how we arrived there. This calendar invites us to quiet ourselves to wait expectantly for the many gifts of grace we receive. And to remember the bigger story of which we all are a part. This calendar also provides a window into that story that is multicultural and bilingual, for even while we speak different languages and experience different cultures, we still have so much in common as we celebrate Jesus.

  • Calendars arrive in an heirloom box meant to be kept for years to come. The kit also includes a craft art easel to display each day and a suggestion sheet that shows other creative ways to display your calendar throughout your home.
  • It's a set of 25 5x5 full-color, uniquely designed cards that celebrate various Christmas traditions from Central and North America.
  • Every card includes a word in Spanish on the front with its translation in English on the back
  • Gives a fresh multicultural experience for each day of Advent.
  • Provides a mindful reflection emerging from the four Advent weeks' themes of Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.
  • Includes an invitation to mark the day in a specific and unique way for both individuals and families.
  • *Companion printables (a 2020 Advent Journal and Coloring Book for Advent pilgrims of all ages) are included as downloads with each order.