A Cozy Mystery Series To Cuddle Up With: Book 4!



Death, Drink, and Darjeeling: In the fourth book, it takes on Helen and Martha who are supposed to be on their way to stardom only to find themselves in a quest to grab hold of a DaVinci masterpiece. Plus, there is a much-awaited wedding waiting for them back home, so everybody, let’s cross our fingers our Southern girls will make it! Do you think the signs and symbols on the antique tea jar tell us if they did?

Art has a special place in my heart. I have used it to express myself in seeing the world both as an artist and a human being and being able to use art as a medium for readers to fully enjoy all that a book has to offer has been a thrilling experience. THANK YOU Sigrid Vansandt for letting me be a part of these wonderful pieces of literature!