A Cozy Mystery Series To Cuddle Up With: Book 1!



Let me take you inside another thrilling preview of the mystery stories of Sigrid Vanzandt. What if, everyone’s least favorite person in your village is killed, what would you do? Perhaps you could care less, perhaps you’d feel sorry. As for Martha and Helen, it’s time to throw their newbie detective hats into the ring. Now, it is a question of whether our girls will solve a murder or will this turn from an adventurous lark to a personal peril. I’d like to believe the symbols, stone, and the broken heart coming from the steam of the coffee cup could tell us something.

The cup of tea is now empty. But the mystery lingers from, to and in between the books and the covers. Words could also be art itself and art, right? Jump in and journey through this mystery. You will love it!