A Cozy Mysteries Series To Cuddle Up With: Book 3!

Pudding Poison and Pie


A good mystery book over a warm cup of tea is never a bad idea on any day. That is why it was such a joy for me to have had the honor to create the book covers for Sigrid Vansandt’s cozy mystery series. It was definitely a dream come true for me. I personally loved and enjoyed the books myself. And now, I’m even happier to share with you the book covers I’ve created. I’d like to give you glimpses of what had gripped me tightly in every story.


The third book is called Pudding Poison and Pie. It follows Helen and Martha on a bake-off competition in a small village called Marsden-Lacey. It’s that time of the year when the cold of the weather heats up some hearts and our two girls find themselves mixed up in the ingredients of meringue, marmalade, and murder. Wondering how this bake-off turns out? Let's look at the book cover to give us some ideas. We have only one fancy drink filled up among the others, a delicious looking pudding with holly on top, and a skull is hiding in the fireplace. Cozy up with this book and start your journey into this awesome mystery series.